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Save your Business with these Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is made up of plenty of altering parts. You can establish a brand with your social media presence, increase organic traffic and visibility through SEO, and marketing automation can use less time and offer more personalized engagement. If your business has any intention of remaining competitive in today’s online landscape, you must adapt to the rapidly evolving changes in current technologies, techniques, and near-endless Google and Facebook algorithm.

These digital marketing trends will help boost your business’s online presence and deliver the best ROI, no matter the financial position of your business.

Social Media Marketing Focus Increase

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the use of social media channels to connect with your audience to increase sales, build your brand or product, and drive website traffic. It provides companies with a means to capture the interest of existing customers and reach new ones while allowing them to boost their desired mission, tone, or culture.

Interactive Content

Interactive content keeps your audience engaged. Regardless if it is on social media or your website, this section is a broad way to offer value for your visitors. It is affordable and increases brand reach as people seeing the content will enjoy engaging in it.

Examples of interactive content include:

  • Quiz
  • Game
  • Poll
  • Interactive Video
  • Survey
  • Contest


Shoppable Posts & Social Commerce

With the growing rate of e-commerce and social media, brands are utilizing both to increase opportunities for sales so if you have an e-commerce business, attach a link to your shop in your bio or a specific product as shoppers want to skip as many steps as they can without the interruption of ads.

Implementing a native integration, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have taken note that people use them to shop and have made it easy for companies and merchants to sell via social media by introducing shoppable posts. They have made it easier to tag and shop products directly in your posts.

By employing social commerce, you are gaining new customers, reducing purchasing barriers, and enormously shortening the sales funnel.

How to set up Shoppable Post

It is extremely straightforward to set up your business account for Instagram Shopping, and it’s a significant way to improve your follower’s user experience. You must set your profile as a business account before setting up shoppable posts. You will need to connect it with your Facebook profile, which needs to be connected to your products catalog.

Making your Instagram feed shoppable will also permit you shoppable Facebook posts. Add a Shop Tab on Facebook and import your inventory through the Catalog Manager to get shoppable Facebook posts. Once Facebook has approved everything, you can start tagging products to make it even simpler to convert social sales. For online retailers, this is a massive way to direct traffic to product pages.

Social Messaging App

Customers like the convenience of shopping and getting service from home, but they still want the swift service that comes with close interaction at brick-and-mortar businesses. Statistics have shown that each month, over 1.3 billion users are active on Facebook Messenger, and around 10 billion messages are sent between people and businesses via the app. WhatsApp has over 1.6 billion active users and 55 billion messages are sent between people and businesses via the app.


How to make Messaging and Communication Convenient and Pleasant?

  • Customers can directly connect with you  while they’re shopping if you install a plugin or widget on your site.
  • Chat should be enabled only when you know someone is available to respond.
  • Set an away message that allows your customers to know when you’ll get back if there’s no one to answer, and direct them to another form of contact.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat all offer businesses an affordable and effortless way to provide direct, personalized contact and improve their customer experience

Why Your Brand Should Use Messaging Apps

  • Contact nurturing or cultivation
  • Information Delivery
  • Maximizing sales
  • Involving people in events
  • Regaining potential customers
  • Providing assistance and support.

Social Media Stories

Snapchat has My Story, Facebook and Instagram stories were later introduced, and then YouTube unveiled Reels, their story format. Social media stories are easy to use and are a dazzling way to feature products, events, and even behind-the-scenes experiences through photos, video, or text.

It is the exciting and brief nature of this medium that makes it so powerful. Consumers must stay on top of following their favorite profiles if they don’t want to miss special information or opportunities. As long as you deliver, once you offer a behind-the-scenes look, discount code, or limited edition product through Stories, followers will be hooked on your updates.

Benefits of Using Social Media Stories

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Opportunity to reach younger audiences
  • Constant engagement with followers
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased traffic to your web page

Ways to Add Worth to Your Social Media Stories

  • Repost customer content your business is tagged in onto your Stories
  • Upload the Livestream video in case some people didn’t see it live. 
  • To engage viewers with your brand and encourage their involvement in your content, make use of polls, quizzes, and Q&As.
  • Design easy short videos and animations of your product or service in action.

Creating more Smart & Automated Bidding in Google Ads

Paid advertising has become a more trusted force as there is fierce competition on social media which has slowly smother organic reach. For best possible results from a Google Ads campaign, Ads specialists examine every data and continually tweak and modify keywords, bids, and ad phrasing. While it gets results, it is also overtaxing which sometimes hinders business owners trying to run a campaign to be overburdened and end up failing.

Enter automated bidding strategies as these allow Google to use machine learning to analyze the huge amount of data it has on its users to adjust your bids in real-time. There are many human strategies involved in optimizing PPC performance. You cannot just set it and forget it and expect results as you still need to test everything, including testing automated bid strategies against each other. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can also be handed over to Google’s AI system, which will then adjust their budget to increase their ROI. Examples of PPC goals this works for include:

  • Target CPA – Create new leads and customers for a maximum cost per purchase that you set.
  • Target ROAS – Set your sights on getting the top return on your advertising spends.
  • Maximize Conversions – Achieve your advertising conversion rates, regardless of your aim is to get more email subscribers, downloads, or product sales.

When you create user-targeted ads, you are including the age, location, gender, and preferences of your target audience as people are more likely to tap or click on an ad that is more relevant and personalized to their interests.

Acquiring Verified Google Listings for Local SEO

Powered by Google, Google My Business is a free local business listing service that lets you show up in search results and requires you to have some form of face-to-face interaction with your customers.

Google allows you to claim your business and get it live so that when customers are seeking something you provide, your website will come up in their search results. You can list the services you provide, attach a few photos, an FAQ section, and also allow customers to leave reviews about your business. You can also add a few interesting attributes that will show in your Knowledge Graphs such as Online Care, Online Appointments, and Online Classes to your business.

Google My Business offers an excellent way for consumers to find businesses more easily based on geographical location and it allows potential clients to get in touch with you right away, while you get to keep track of your listing to learn what past customers think of your brand, plan their visit, navigate them to your location, and much more.

If you are not sure about your listing, just check the verification status of your Google My Business listing. You can commence the process to get your business verified by Google If it has not been verified.

How to Setup Google My Business?

Getting listed on Google and setting up your Google My Business profile is an important part of local search. Underneath is how to get your business a Google My Business profile:

Firstlygo to the Official Google My Business Site, create Listing, set up your name, select a category, set the address of your business, add your contact details, and now finish and verify your listing.

You need to verify your Google My Business listing for it to show up. To get your listing verified, Google will send you a postcard with a verification code on it but this can take a couple of days, and you can optimize your listing while you are waiting.

Benefits of Verifying Your Business

  • Customers regard Verified businesses to be more reliable and credible than unverified competitors. 
  • Your business information can be managed in Search, Maps, and other Google properties.
  • You are preventing fraud when you verify your business, in case someone else tries to act as the owner and claims your listing as theirs.

Google frequently updates its local SEO algorithm, so if you are a local business, you should continually update your business appearance in local results.

Adjusting Content for Voice Search

The use of voice search has been on the rise which has made many brands rethink their digital marketing strategies, and it plays a significant role in providing relevant information to people through audio content.

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Voice assists like Alexa, Siri and Google continue to be huge sellers as its popularity both at home and on our phones has led to a significant shift in using keywords. AI is getting smarter and the number of errors made by voice assistants has reduced considerably. That is why it is important to choose your keywords based on the questions people may ask when using Siri or Alexa when writing content as this can increase your visibility.

Research shows that Google Assistant has over 2,000 “actions” and Alexa over 30,000 “skills,” which are functions that allow these voice assistants to react very exclusively to user queries and commands.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation means arranging your target audience by certain traits or behaviors, such as demographics or shopping habits since holding onto your customers is relatively cheaper than going out and getting new customers. It is better to have a large number of small promotional campaigns targeting specific audiences instead of a small number of large marketing campaigns targeting general audiences.

Segmenting customers allows you to personalize your content to suit their preferences; for example, having two separate email lists for small spenders and big spenders, and sending different newsletters to each that feature diverse products that might suit their previous purchase. This more targeted approach to marketing can help you save more on your advertising budget and keep customers happy as happy customers are likely to stay for the long haul.


Digital marketing is constantly changing and embracing these trends will cement your place as a business that will do surprisingly well and gain an edge over your competitors.

When it comes to establishing an online presence, increasing traffic, generating leads, and sales for your company, having these digital marketing trends is the way to go. Not only does this give your brand a more professional outlook, but it additionally allows you to manage what you want customers to see but it also saves you time and cost.


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